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Business Services

Running a business is something to be proud of! We are here to make sure you see all the success with your business as well as making sure that you only are partly with the lowest taxes possible.

Select from the following business area’s of service so that you can learn about what we can provide to make your business a tax savings success:

It is not surprising that businesses that have a business plan have a massive advantage to those who do not.

Think of the business plan as the road map for the business. It tells where the business starts, its route to success with important milestones along the way.

Our business plan preparation has been credited with some major brands and businesses not to mention businesses from Home Based, Government Sponsored Funding, Bank Financing, Venture Capital, Private Investors and even companies planning or launched on Stock Exchanges in Canada, United States and Europe.

Please note that this area is being updated. In the meantime, click here to send us an e-mail and we will provide you with the requested information.

Running your business is hard enough and if you are finding that doing the bookkeeping is taking away from the time you could be using to develop, expand or simply operate the business then we are here to help. We provide the following Bookkeeping Services:

  • In-Office where our professional and affordable staff handle all or part of your Bookkeeping. Maybe you only want to handle sending out Quotes and Sales Invoices. Perfect – we will take care of the rest. You can send us information either electronically or in paper form.
  • Online where your bookkeeping is stored securely in a central registry. This allows you to then use your smartphone, tablet, notebook or computer to take a quick picture of say a gas receipt, insert the Gas Station Name, Amount and Tax and ready for this… Throw the receipt away! Yes, photo receipts mean so long to the boxes & boxes you normally need to keep for 7 years. You can also quickly make up a Quote for a customer, even including pictures. And then when you need to invoice the customer, either recall the Quote or create an Invoice (pictures included) and even capture the customers signature of approval. Getting paid? Well debit and credits cards (Interac, Interac Flash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover) are integrated into the Online bookkeeping so when you either swipe or enter the customers credit card info, the payment is automatically recorded for that customer. And shh… don’t tell the big banks but no huge monthly fee for processing – just a small percentage processing rate – and only when you process a payment. On the back-end we are there for any additional bookkeeping as well as remote problem solving as well as year end processing.
  • Remote where our staff securely log into your notebook or computer to do the required bookkeeping. All you need is a high speed internet connection.
  • On-Location where we have one of our staff come to your home or office to prepare the bookkeeping on a regular basis.

How experienced are we with Simply Accounting, QuickBooks and both larger and all online accounting software? Check this out… 

  • We have published over 32 books in the computerized accounting fields and not self-published but through Prentice Hall, Simon & Schuster and other major publishers with both Canadian, United States and Global editions in more than 35 languages. Chances are that if you took a course to learn accounting software you used a book that we either wrote or contributed to.
  • We are Certified Consultants with most major accounting software systems including Sage (Simply Accounting) and Quickbooks.

Having staff can be expensive! Not the wages (as we assume that your staff are a huge benefit to your businesses success) but the processing of the payroll.

Not to mention the complexity and cost to maintain up to date payroll tables as in-correct payroll reporting means penalties from Government Authorities.

There is a reason why all of the major banks have either bought up most independent payroll  processing services (or started there own). One word = Profitable! Not only monthly fee’s but everything and anything costs extra…

We provide a cost effective payroll processing service with the adding benefit that our accountant is there to ensure that you are in complete compliance.

The cost? Well very simple… Less than a latte! How to get started, click here for the Payroll Setup (or change) form.

The only question a business client does not ask us is one they are willing to chance won’t cause either increase taxes, decreased productivity …

We are here for anything from :

  • Questions here and there! Either call our office at either 604-463-8202 (Lower Mainland), 250-447-9255 (BC Interior) or 1-800-667-9254 (Toll-Free Canada/USA) and ask your question. Chances are this is not the first time we have heard it and can provide you with am immediate answer in most case. You can also click on the Chat Now Button in the bottom right of any site page:  
  • Business Start-Up. Getting out of the gate on the right footing is the best and least expensive option. Think about it… If you have to go back and try to correct something not only the financial cost but also the time lost that could have been spent developing business. What type of business? Tax questions? Navigating the Government red tape! Ownership? Advertising? Branding? Web Site? We are for it all – one stop business start-up. We can even get you in touch with either Government funded start-up programs, investment capital from either investors or crowd source funding and yes even financing through either banks, venture capital or private lenders. If you are bringing on a partner we can also help you navigate this including shareholders agreements, buy-out’s shot gun clauses – making sure that you and your partner are able to focus on building your business.
  • Business Purchase. We are here to ease the worry and burden in buying that existing business. We can tell you the past performance of the company as we know how to look between the lines – so to speak! Taxes do come into play even with a business purchase as properly structuring the purchase will save you massively in the future. We can refer you to business lawyers so that the purchase agreement protects you.
  • Business Expansion. Maybe you are planning on a second location or maybe opening in a different Province, State, Country or maybe going overseas. We are experienced on taking your business to the next level.
  • Business Sale. When it is time to sell your business we are there to assist you with not only making sure your tax burden in minimized but also ensuring that the transaction goes seamless with our team that even includes tax and business lawyers (referral).
  • Business Succession. When it comes to wanting to give the business to your kids or family we can help you navigate the complex rules and tax laws.
  • Business Closure. Closing a business should be just that – closed! We make sure that this occurs with everything from clearance from tax authorities to proper closure with local, Provincial/State and Federal Government Agencies.
  • Technology. A business without technology just doesn’t to exist today. Your smartphone, website, business software are all forms of technology and well we are one of the most advanced firms when it comes to technology and want to see your business benefit from our experience.

In any business, financial statements are to tell everything about the business in about 6-7 pages.

Our experience in financial statement preparation is vast with our preparation recognized and approved with all banks and investment sources.

Being a proprietor does not mean you are too small for getting the correct advice. We have un-incorporated clients ranging from a grandmother doing babysitting to construction worker, farmers, fisherman, commission sales to businesses just starting out where tax benefits can result in increased cash flows.

When it comes to tax preparation, your (un-incorported) self employment is not just an attached schedule to your personal tax return but something that requires our care and attention to ensure the optimal tax outcome.

For proprietor tax schedules please click here for our download section.

The tax benefits of the corporation can mean the difference between operating with a tax burden or as an optimized corporation benefiting from various tax advantages that being incorporated carries.

We are highly experienced in corporate tax preparation ranging from independent consultants/contractors (including movie industry contractors) to services, wholesale, retail, online and even multi-jurisdictional such as cross country or even cross border.

Please click here for our vast library of Corporate Documents to download including our Corporate Year End Checklist.

Being registered for GST/HST or other VAT (Value Added Taxes) is not to be looked upon as cumbersome but instead as a financial advantage as with this type of tax, you benefit from credits for tax incurred in operations.

We are here to navigate the sometimes complex rules and regulations as well as filing for the GST/HST or VAT.

Next Step?

Book an appointment is quick and easy. We have several types of appointments for you to select from:

Telephone Appointments occur on your schedule. You have us without disruption for the schedule amount of time.

Online appointments give you the best of both words! You get a quickly schedule appointment (normally within 24-48 hours) but also get a face to face appointment with us. We use bank encrypted video software used by Fortune 500 companies to ensure your privacy. During this appointment you can even send us files, document images and pictures. We send you the instructions which is quite simple. Using your smartphone, tablet, computer or notebook you just click on the unique link within the appointment (which can be added automatically to your Google, Apple or Microsoft calendar) at the appointment time. You may be asked to install a small secure app so that the appointment can be securely held.  For more information you can also click here.

On-Site appointments include us arriving to your desired location (provide address below) with our mobile office.

Our Mobile Offices  resemble our office complete with secure WIFI access, printers, signature capture allowing us to complete any type of appointment (Personal Income Tax, Year End Review, Business Consulting, Financial Planning etc.) with the flexibility and convenience of having your accountant come to your home, business or any location within the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and through out Southern British Columbia and Northern Washington. During the personal income tax season, we suggest you book early as we do run out of on-site appointments.

In-Office appointments are available at our Lower Mainland, BC Southern Interior and even at one of over 10 shared office spaces across the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Southern Interior or Northern Washington State. Note that using a shared office does incur an additional fee however can include special equipment such as projection or a board room or meeting room environment.