ESign Instructions

Welcome to the signature instruction page for Choquette & Company Accounting Group Incorporated. This page will show you how to easily sign your documents using your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) or Windows/Mac computer.

Select the operating system for your smartphone or tablet that you will be using for the electronic signature process:

Apple – IOS

You will first receive an email requesting your signature (Note Figure 1):

Figure 1

Click or tap on the green Open Document button within the e-mail (note Figure 1)

Figure 2 - Cuda App Installed?
Figure 2

You will then be asked if you have installed the required CudaSign app. If you have not previously installed this app on your smartphone or tablet, select the grey Download The App button, (note Figure 2) or if you have the CudaSign app already on your smartphone or tablet select the blue I have the App button (note Figure 2). In this case click or touch here to move to how to use the CudaSign app section.

Figure 3 - Install CudaSign App
Figure 3

If you have selected the grey Download The App button (note Figure 2) the Apple App store will open and show you the CudaSign App install page (note Figure 3). Continue with installing the CudaSign app. Note that the app install is a one time process and once you have the small free app installed you are note required to reinstall the next time you need to sign documents from our office.

Figure 4 - EMail requesting your signature
Figure 4

Once the CudaSign ap has installed, do not open the app but instead return to the e-mail message that our office sent you – requesting your signature (note Figure 4). Continue now with clicking or tapping on the green Open Document button.

Figure 5

Now that you have the CudaSign App installed, continue with selecting the blue I Have The App button (note Figure 5).

 App Installed

Figure 6
Figure 6

The CudaSign app will open, continue with pressing the green Ready button (note Figure 6).

Figure 7

Continue with pressing the grey Guide Me button at the top of the window, (note Figure 7). This will take you to the first signature location. Continue by pressing the blue Signature button within the document section (note Figure 7)

Figure 8
Figure 8

The signature window will open up (note Figure 8). Continue using either your finger or stylus and signing within the space followed by pressing the blue Done button. If you make an error either select the grey Undo or grey Clear button.

Figure 9
Figure 9

If your document has more than one signature needed you will be taken to the next signature section (note Figure 9). You will also notice that the Guide Me button shows the progress of the signature process (when the Guide Me button changes from grey to completely blue you have signed all the required signatures).

Figure 10
Figure 10

Once you have completed all the required signature the previously grey Guide Me button will have now changed to the blue Complete status (note Figure 10). Continue by selecting the blue check mark at the top of the window.

Figure 11
Figure 11

The app will now build your signatures into the document (note Figure 11).

Figure 12
Figure 12

The app will now continue with generating the final pdf document (note Figure 12).

Figure 13
Figure 13

The app will then inform you that the document has been Signed Successfully (note Figure 13). Continue by clicking or tapping the Ok button.

Figure 14
Figure 14

The app will then ask you for your e-mail address and to create a password. This will allow you to view the signed document within the app (note Figure 14). This is not a requirement to use the CudaSign service and at this point you can close the app if you do not want to create a CudaSign account. Note that you will be able to view the signed document as CudaSign will send you and e-mail message (note Figure 15 below).

Figure 15
Figure 15

You will also receive an e-mail notifying you that you have signed the document (note Figure 15). You can view this signed document by clicking the link within the e-mail.

Congratulations, you have completed the signature process using your Apple IOS device.

Android Instructions

Development in progress, use page up for the above instructions for iPhone (instruction are similar with app install screen slightly different)

Windows Phone Instructions

Development in progress

Computer Web Browser

Open Document Button
Figure B1

 Within your email continue with click on the green Open Document button (note Figure B1).

Figure B2 - Get Started Window
Figure B2 – Get Started Window

Your default web  browser will open up and go to the secure CudaSign platform site where you will be shown the Get Started window (note Figure B2) which will tell you how many signature you are being asked to provide.

Figure B3 - First Signature request window
Figure B3 – First Signature request window

You will then be taken to the first signature location (note Figure B3). Continue by clicking or tapping on the Blue Signature Field button.

Figure B4 - Previous Signature
Figure B4 – Previous Signature

A window will appear, (note Figure B4) which has four options:

  • My Signature will be shown if you have already provided a signature to CudaSign (note Figure B4). If this signature is correct then you can click the blue Add button in the bottom right.
Figure B5 - Type your signature
Figure B5 – Type your signature
  • If you select to Type your signature you would select the Type option (note Figure B5). You can then type in your name and select from the fonts provided. You can also select the Make this “My Signature” which will update the My Signature, (note previous Figure B4). When the signature is done, click the blue Add button in the bottom right corner.
Figure B6 - Draw Signature
Figure B6 – Draw Signature
  • If you select the Draw option (note Figure B6) you can either draw with your finger or stylus on a touchscreen or use your mouse to draw your signature. As well you can select the Make this “My Signature” When the signature is done, click the blue Add button in the bottom right corner.
Figure B7 - Upload Signature
Figure B7 – Upload Signature
  • If you select the Upload Signature option, (note Figure B7) you can then select the blue Upload Signature button to upload a graphic file which contains only your signature. You can also select the Make this “My Signature” option. Once the signature file is uploaded you can select the blue Add button.

It is suggested that you select the Make this “My Signature” which will remember the signature created so that if you either need it for additional signatures on this document or other CudaSign documents that your signature will match. Note that the created signature file is not stored on your computer/notebook/mobile device but instead is stored as an encrypted signature file within the secure CudaSign platform.

If more than one signature is required you can either select the

Figure B8 - Guide Me Button
Figure B8 – Guide Me Button

blue Guide Me button in the top right corner (note B8) or select the

Figure B9 - Yellow Down Arrow
Figure B9 – Yellow Down Arrow

Yellow Down Arrow button (note Figure B9) in the bottom left corner.

Figure B10 - Additional Signature
Figure B10 – Additional Signature

If there is more than one signature you will then be taken to the next signature location within the document (note Figure B10) and you will repeat the procedure of clicking or tapping the additional blue Signature Field and repeating either inserting the previously saved signature (note Figure B4) or create another signature (note Figures B5 through B7) (recommended that you insert the previously signature from the My Signature tab so that all of your signature within the document match each other.

Once all the signature have been provided, you will note that

Figure B11 - Done Signatures
Figure B11 – Done Signatures

In the top right hand corner the Guide Me button will be replaced with a green Done button (note Figure B11) with a yellow arrow. Continue by either clicking or tapping the green Done Button.

CudaSign will now take a few moments (up to 60 seconds – note the blue progress bar at the top of the window) to compile the signed document.

Figure B12 - Signing Successful
Figure B12 – Signing Successful

CudaSign will then provide you with the Signing Successful (note Figure B12). You can select to either:

  • Save which will allow you to save the signed document in your own CudaSign account (you will be asked to either provide your previously created CudaSign account details or create new account details – there is a cost for this feature and will link all CudaSign documents from multiple providers as well as allow your business to use the CudaSign service).
  • Download which will allow you to download the signed document. Note that CudaSign will also send to your email address a copy of the signed document automatically as well as sending our office the signed document.
  • I’m Done will do nothing except closing the CudaSign session.