Need help – we are only a click away :)

So maybe you are having a computer problem or have a question about an entry in your bookkeeping. Maybe you have a question about using Excel, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks and you are almost pulling out your hair….


We are only a click away! Simply click here to open the Remote Access instructions page in which in about 2 mins you can have us remotely access your computer in order to assist you.


The protocol is completely secure and will allow us to see your screen as well as navigate and even allow us to send you required files or for us to maybe take a backup or copy of needed files.

Basically, it is like you have an accountant in your computer.

You can also setup this remote access software to allow you to securely access your computer when you are away and even with your tablet or smartphone.

Quickly, we can solve your issue. But remember, we also can always come and see you in person! Just give our office a call 604-463-8202 or 1-800-667-9254.