Encryption – Are you Safe on the Internet


When you open your web browser and head out into the Internet, is your information safe?

Our site uses 256 bit encryption which means when you are within our site, your information is completely secure including any transmission of information from our website.

How do you know when a website is secure? Look for any of the following:

Padlock ChoquetteCo
Figure 1
  • The padlock appearing before the website address at the top of your browser (note Figure 1).
  • Look for the web address starting with https: (encrypted) instead of the standard http: (not encrypted).

Mozilla whom is a non-profit group has a great video which you can watch a great video which explains the encryption and how to make sure your information is secure.

You can also view this view from our Beancaster – (click to open)¬†website (which provides a library of helpful Tax, Finance and Technology video’s. The link to the specific video on Beancaster – (click to open) is here – (click to open)