Remote Access

Our firm can provide remote access. We use a secured protocol along with the added security of having you provide a specific password for each time that we need to access your computer.

In order to allow remote access, continue with the following:

Figure 1 – TeamViewer Opening Screen
  • When the TeamViewer program opens (note Figure 1 above), make sure you select  for either to:
    • Basic Installation (this is where you will need to provide the generated password for each access) or;
    • Installation to access the program remotely (unattended) if you also want to use the TeamViewer software to access your computer remotely (using your computer, tablet or smartphone. For more information click here for the TeamViewer website).
  • Also select the Personal / Non-commercial use option (this will allow for free use of the service). If you plan to use the software for your business and wish to pay to use this service select the Company / Commercial Use.
  • The program may ask you:
    • Windows: to confirm the installation for security purposes, select Yes to continue.
    • Mac: to provide your user password to continue with the installation – enter this password.
Figure 2- Installation Completed
  • Once the installation has been completed you will see the information screen appear (note above Figure 2). You can continue with closing this window once you see the features of the program.
Figure 3 – TeamViewer Ready Screen

You will now see the TeamViewer ready screen (note above Figure 3). In this window you will see the Your ID and Password.

Continue by either:

  • Call our office ☎️604-463-8202 or Toll-Free: 1-800-667-9254 and provide your TeamView Remote ID (and password is asked).
  • Complete the following form below.

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