We want to make sure we won’t miss you :)

With the personal income tax season just around the corner we are getting ready to send out our annual  Personal Income Tax email and reminder. We  send this Personal Income Tax reminder by email to the email address that we have on file.

If  you have changed your email in the past year or if you’ve added an additional email such as an email for your spouse or children,  send us a quick email and tell us to either replace the existing email address that we haven’t file or to add an additional one.

As well,  we will certainly take a referral from you so you can forward this post to your family, relatives or anyone else that you would like to refer to us.

We don’t want to miss you and we are all getting ready for the busy personal income tax season. This includes our official mascot Dixie!


Dixie also wants to let you know that she is all ready to keep you company as we work on your Personal Income Tax returns. If you happen to have a dog treat in your pocket – Dixie will certainly help you with that!

We want to send out the annual Personal Income Tax checklist in the next couple of days, so please take a moment and send us an e-mail address with your email address change or additional email address (please let us know if replacing or adding the email address).

See you soon 🙂

Andre and Dixie 160205-Dixie Paw Heart