Third Party Contact Info

If you need to contact third party agencies or companies relating to you or your companies finances or taxes, use this page for either the telephone number, link to site or payment links using secure Interac Payments.

Please note, that while Choquette & Company Accounting Group Incorporated makes every attempt to provide the most up to date information we can not and do not warrant or authorize the content provided on third party websites. Please also note that when you select a third party website link the new window or tab will contain content outside of our secured website area.

Which country does the agency reside


Is the agency a Federal or Provincial Agency

Government of Canada

Which Federal Agency are you trying to contact

Canada Revenue Agency

Canada Revenue Agency handles personal and business income tax, GST/HST, Payroll Source Deductions and Import/Export Duties.

Which department with CRA?

Personal Income Tax

What are you wanting to do with Canada Revenue Agency Personal Income Tax

Type of PaymentInterac Payment Link
Current Year Tax PaymentClick here
Tax installment for the upcoming tax yearClick here
Tax balance owingClick here
TFSA (Tax Free Savings) Account (CRA)Click here
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