Losing stuff – Not an excuse anymore

Everyone one of us has lost an item or two – or three…. From our keys to wallets to glasses and purses….

Technology now allows you to clip on a tiny device (called a Trackr) – size of a .25 qaurter and if you loose that device grab your smartphone and it will guide you through both a map and a “your getting warmer” method until you find the lost device.

Now what happoens if you have lost your smartphone? Just grab anything with the Trackr device (that qaurter sized item clipped on it) and press it and it will then make your smartphone ring (even if it is forwarded to somewhere else).

Have a hard time finding your car? Stick one of the Trackr devices in the car… Worried about losing your notebook computer, stick on on the back of it….

Any if you happen to lose an item, notify Trackr and it will track your device (behind the scenes) using all the other 2.5 million plus Trackr users apps and will only notify you when it has found the item. For example lets say you take the train to work and leave your wallet on the train. You don’t realize this until you are two bus rides away. So you notify Trackrand it will utilize the 2.5 million plus Trackr users apps (behind the scenes) to search for your wallet (without anyone knowing you have lost your wallet).

So when one of the Trackr user gets on the train in the afternoon for the return trip it notify’s you that you lost wallet has been detected and provides it location so you can either retreive it or let the train conductor know….

So how much this Trackr device cost you… how does under $30 sound? And discounts are applied for more that you buy so you can keep two and maybe give some out as they make great gifts.

Click here to get more information and to order and yes they do ship to Canada in time for gift giving!


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