Secure Online Two-Way Video Meeting

No waiting for an on-site appointment! We offer secure online two-way video meetings. Your online meeting with us can be done with any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Maybe you need to have us prepare your Personal Tax Return, Review your Year End or assist in any other Personal or Business financial, accounting or tax matter. We are only a click away. What type of online meetings are we having with our clients now:

Types of Meetings

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Our Two-Way secure video meetings can be used for:

  • Personal Tax Return Appointments. You can even take pictures of your slips during the appointment and sign for your tax return as well as receive the finished tax return. This also can include any tax adjustments that are needed after the initial tax return has been filed.
  • Corporate Year End Appointments. We will go through your financial year end, providing you with copies of the year end documents as well as even being able to make the required adjusting entries into your bookkeeping software if needed.
  • Setup of a New Business. We can show you the types of company structures and the benefits of each and even have you complete the application form so that we can get the ball rolling with the Government Authorities.
  • Tax Planning. We can assist you in your tax planning by showing and working through a comprehensive tax plan.
  • Financial Planning. We can walk you through the gathering of the required source information as well as follow up with a review of the initial financial plan as well as periodic follow ups and make adjustment as needed. We show you the goals and how they can be obtained.
  • Retirement Planning. While you might be putting something away for retirement the big questions are how much will you need and will you have enough to have the type of retirement that you desire. We can work through this include periodic follow up to ensure that you meet your retirement goals.
  • Bookkeeping Setup. If your bookkeeping is handled in house by you we can not only setup the required software and account we can also provide a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the software.
  • Business Plans. From gathering the source information to collaborating on preparation of the financial projections and review of the final product includes periodic assessments to ensure you are on goal and make any adjustments if needed.
  • And everything else... If it involves you and us we can make it happen through the vast set of tools we have. From allowing you to show us video and take pictures of source information to collaborating on financial, taxation and business projects.

Quiet literately you have your accountant inside your smartphone, tablet or computer - only a click away. But don't worry if you still want an onsite appointment we still can provide that to you.

Let’s get started in having a secure two-way online meeting:

  • The first step is to install the required app for the meeting. Continue by selecting the correct device you wish to use for the meeting. Once you install the app, do not open the app but instead come back this page (the installation process will open in a separate window):

Once you have installed the app, do not open the app but instead come back to this screen. The app that will be installed will be the Goto Meeting app. For more information on this app and how it is used click here.

Now that your have the app installed on the device that you want to use for the meeting.  Continue by:

  • DO YOU WANT TO BOOK THIS MEETING AT A LATER DATE OR TIME? You can click here to book online or give our office a call at 604-463-8202 (lower mainland), 250-447-9255 (Interior BC) or 1-800-667-9254 (Toll-Free Canada/USA).
  • DO YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS MEETING ASAP? Give our office at either 604-463-8202 (lower mainland), 250-447-9255 (BC Interior) or 1-800-667-9254 (Toll-Free Canada/USA) and we will try to accommodate this request. You will then receive either a calendar, email or SMS text invitation with a unique link in which you will select to go into the secure meeting site where we will be waiting.
  • HAVE YOU ALREADY RECEIVED YOUR ONLINE MEETING INVITATION? Great! All you need to do is click on the meeting link within either the calendar invitation, email or SMS text message.

During our online meeting not only will we have two way video and audio but we can also show you documents allowing us to present and collaborate and if you need to send us files or even paper documents we can also take care of that during the meeting. You can even have us make changes to your accounting software or resolve a software issue remotely if needed.

If at any point you need detailed instruction, please click: here . You can also click on the chat button (look for the We are Online to chat button in the bottom right hand corner of this window where you can chat with us right now. And if you don’t see us online don’t worry just give us a call at 604-463-8202 (Lower Mainland), 250-447-9255 (BC Interior) or 1-800-667-9254 (Toll-Free North America).

Just how secure is our online meetings? We utilize technology from world-wide provider Citrix which is used by:

Click on any of the above to see just who is using the same secure online meeting platform that our office uses – you are in good company!

If you want to be able to provide online meetings and remote services to your customers, please contact our office and we can assist in the setup.