Adding Additional Devices

With your online meeting you can add additional devices for this meeting.

Why would you want to do that? Well perhaps you want to use your tablet for the two-way video conferencing but you want to be able to either send us or receive from us files on your notebook as well as maybe you will want to send us pictures of tax slips or documents using your smartphone.

You can add up to 6 devices at the same time, however one important thing that you must do is mute the volume on the additional devices to prevent audio feedback (similar when you put a microphone close to a speaker).

In order to mute the volume on additional devices either:

  • Windows. In your status bar in the bottom right hand corner look for the speaker icon iconspeakerwin and left click and then mute your volume.
  • Mac Desktop. In the top status bar look for the speaker icon iconspeakermacand left click to turn down your volume.
  • On your mobile smartphone or tablet, turn down/mute your volume.

Then continue with clicking on the unique meeting link to add that secondary device to the meeting. When asked for the Name you include your name and maybe the type of device such as Windows Notebook so that we know it is a secondary device and can easily identify it.

If you have questions, as usual either click on the We are Online, Chat with Us or give us a call at either 604-463-8202 (Lower Mainland), 250-447-9255 (BC Interior) or 1-800-667-9254 (Toll-Free Canada/USA).