Send Us Documents/Source Material

If you need to send us files you can do this quite simply.

Prior to continuing with sending us any information you need to take a moment and click here to view the Terms of Service (TOS) associated with the uploading and sharing information with our office.

You can send our office file and information  by:

Send By Email

If you are sending up to five PDF or Images/Pictures, click here to send us an email with attachments perhaps from your scanner or clear pictures taken with your smartphone or tablet camera or;

Send By Uploading

Continue with the following, (if you have many files and want to compress them into one click here for instructions) to upload your files (perhaps from your scanner or clear pictures from your smartphone or tablet):

Send By Fax

If you want to send us files by fax, please note fee will apply. Our Toll-Free fax number is: 1-888-315-5688.

Delivery to our Office (In Person / Canada Post/Courier)

You can deliver your material to our office. Please address the material to the following:

Prior to dropping off or sending by Canada Post/Courier,
please call our office to notify:
604-463-8202 (Lower Mainland)
250-447-9255 (BC Interior)
1-800-667-9254 (Toll-Free Canada/USA)

Once you have receive the mail/drop-off location (we have several locations available) you can continue with contacting one of the preferred delivery methods:

Click for Canada Post (Drop off) Locations
Click for Canada Post Parcel (2 day – Print label & Drop Off)
Click for Canada Post Business Parcel (2 day – pay online registration required)
Click for UPS Store (1 Day – Drop off & Pay) Find a Location
Click for UPS Pickup (1 Day – Credit Card/Account)
Click for FedEx (1 Day – drop off)
Click for FedEx Pickup (1 Day – No Account Required)
Click for FedEx Pickup (1 Days – With Account)

Compress Your Files Into One

  • If you have more than 5 files and the maximum size for each file does not exceed 1 megabyte we suggest that you first compress the files which can easily be done as follows:

Windows Instructions:

Figure 1 - Windows Compress File Instructions
Figure 1 – Windows Compress File Instructions
  • Highlight all of the files you want to compress by either holding down your SHIFT key and pressing the left mouse button on each file or hold press the DOWN button to highlight the files. Then press a right click on your mouse choose Send to and then select Compressed (zipped) folder, (note Figure 1). It will ask you to enter a file name followed by pressing enter.

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